Membership Terms


Memberships are non-transferable and do not have an expiration. Registration is absolutely free with no annual fees. The Primary Member has sole authority to make changes to the Membership and to request and receive appropriate information.

To use your accrued savings on an order, simply enter the amount you would like to apply in the Membership savings box during checkout.

Membership Account Types:

Standard Account
Basic accounts have full access to our low online prices and additional services at

Premium Account
Once a member has stayed with us for a period time and has made regular purchases, MrSupply will invite them to become a premium account holder. Upgraded from the standard account, premium members are granted even more savings on products, exclusive promotions, and free shipping upgrades when applicable.

MrSupply Savings Accumulation:

For every order, 1% of Product totals will be rewarded back your account to be spent on the next order of your choosing. Savings added to the account will reflect the amount of the item(s) purchase only and excludes tax and shipping.
The savings will be updated to the account accordingly once your order has been shipped and invoiced.
Savings will be added regardless of payment type used to complete the order (PayPal, Credit Card, and Debit Cards) and are non-transferable between accounts.

MrSupply Savings Reduction:

Reduction points can be accumulated through any returns and credits that are processed and will be 1% of the returned product total. Any savings points earned from ordering will be put towards decreasing your reduction point’s balance, and must be zeroed out before savings points can begin to accrue again.

Shipping Upgrade:

Orders placed by Premium Account holders may be eligible for a shipping upgrade if applicable. MrSupply will modify the shipping method to FedEx 2Day Shipping free of charge. Please be aware that this will not always be guaranteed. An e-mail notice will be sent to the address on the account advising that the order has been selected for a shipping method upgrade.

We Protect Your Privacy:

MrSupply respects your right to privacy and our documented Privacy Policy details our practices and policies regarding your personal information. We are the sole owner of collected information and we do not share this information with third parties as described in our Privacy Policy.

Canceling Membership:

Memberships can be cancelled at any time, simply contact us by phone or e-mail for assistance with the cancellation process.
MrSupply reserves the right to immediately cancel a membership, at any time without prior notice, if any of the following conditions apply to a member:

The member gave false or inaccurate information to the Company when applying for membership.
The member engages in activities prohibited by the terms and conditions of use, or other Company regulations that are in place.
The member cannot be contacted via email, telephone or other means of communication within a set period of time.

Membership Terms:

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