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Cooper Lighting - XTOR5A - Crosstour - LED Wall Pack
Cooper Lighting - XTOR5A - Crosstour - LED Wall Pack 50 Watt - 4282 Lumens - 250 Watt Equal
Manufacturer: Cooper Lighting
Manufacturer Part#: XTOR5A
MrSupply SKU: M75511
  • 1+$284.70
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Cooper Lighting, Lumark XTOR9A LED Wall Pack
  • 1+$323.70
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Hubbell Lighting, LNC-7LU-5K-3-1, LED Wallpack, Dark Bronze
Hubbell Lighting, LNC-7LU-5K-3-1, 16.6W LED Wallpack, Dark Bronze
Manufacturer: Hubbell
Manufacturer Part#: LNC-7LU-5K-3-1
MrSupply SKU: M75496
  • 1+$120.91
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Hubbell, LNC-5LU-5K, LNC Litepak
  • 1+$128.72
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RAB Lighting WPLED13, 13 Watt, LED Wall Pack.
RAB WPLED13, LED Wall Pack, 1064 Lumens, 5000 Kelvin, Bronze Finish, 120-277 Volt
Manufacturer: RAB
Manufacturer Part#: WPLED13
MrSupply SKU: M75495
  • 1+$176.81
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RAB Lighting, 52W, LED, 3 Option Cutoff Wall Pack
RAB Lighting - WPLED52 -3429 Lumens, 5000 Kelvin, Bronze Finish,120-277 Volt
Manufacturer: RAB
Manufacturer Part#: WPLED52
MrSupply SKU: M75512
  • 1+$355.71
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RAB WPLED26 LED 26W Wallpack
RAB WPLED26, LED 26W Wallpack, Standard Operation, Bronze Finish
Manufacturer: RAB
Manufacturer Part#: WPLED26
MrSupply SKU: M75505
  • 1+$239.92
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RAB, HUBLTG LNC2-12LU-5K-3-1, Compact Wall Pack
  • 1+$182.00
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RAB, SLIM18 LED wallpack
RAB, SLIM18, Full cutoff, Fully shielded LED Wallpacks
Manufacturer: RAB
Manufacturer Part#: SLIM18
MrSupply SKU: M75498
  • 1+$184.30
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RAB, WPLED10 LED Wallpack,
RAB, WPLED10 LED Wallpack, 10W, 100-240V
Manufacturer: RAB
Manufacturer Part#: WPLED10
MrSupply SKU: M75489
  • 1+$128.71
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SYLVANIA WALPAK1N/050UNV750/NC/BZ Wall Pack, LED, 8-LED, 50W, 120-277V, Bronze

Manufacturer: Osram Sylvania
Manufacturer Part#: OSRAM 74202
MrSupply SKU: M75499
  • 1+$141.71
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Sylvanina, WALPAK1N/075UNV750/NC, luminaires Wall Pack
Sylvanina, LEDVANCE Series Wall Pack, LED, 75 Watt,
Manufacturer: Osram Sylvania
Manufacturer Part#: WALPAK1N/075UNV750/NC
MrSupply SKU: M75500
  • 1+$206.70
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TraceLite Inspire, LED Wall Pack Light TLED-I-DT-BR
TraceLite TLED-I20-DT-BR, 1310 Lumens - 4700 Kelvin - Bronze Finish - 120-277 Volt
Manufacturer: Approved Vendors
Manufacturer Part#: TLED-I-30-DT-BR
MrSupply SKU: M75509
  • 1+$196.30
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