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Watts, 77F-DI-FDA-125, Wye-Pattern Strainers
Watts 3" Cast Iron, Class 125 Flanged End, Wye-Pattern Strainers with FDA Epoxy Coating
Manufacturer Part#: 77F-DI-FDA-125
MrSupply SKU: M76091
  • 1+$212.40
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Watts, HY-725, Vacuum Breaker, 16" Thick, Cylinder Lock
Watts, HY-725-16-K, Non-Freeze Wall Hydrant with NB Box, Integral Vacuum Breaker, 16"(406) Thick, Cylinder Lock
Manufacturer: Watts
Manufacturer Part#: HY-725-16-K
MrSupply SKU: M76092
  • 1+$241.03
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Watts, KA2-BD, Intelliflow Retrofit Kit for Straight or Angle Shutoffs
KA2-BD, Retrofit Kit used with Straight or Angle Shutoffs with Watts Intelliflow (A2C-M1)
Manufacturer: Watts
Manufacturer Part#: KA2-BD (0004800)
MrSupply SKU: M71047
  • 1+$92.42
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Watts, Leak Sensor, A2C-LS (0004647)
Watts Model A2C-LS Leak Sensor plugs into the receptacle on the front panel of the watts IntelliFlow (0004647)
Manufacturer: Watts
Manufacturer Part#: A2C-LS (0004647)
MrSupply SKU: M72656
  • 1+$42.05
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Watts, Series A2C-M1, A2-INTELLITIMER (0004650)
Series A2C-M1, A2-IntelliTimer (0004650)
Manufacturer: Watts
Manufacturer Part#: A2-INTELLITIMER (0004650)
MrSupply SKU: M55536
  • 1+$140.90
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Watts, Series A2C-M1, 0004640 A2C M1 INTELLIFLOW (0004640)
Series A2C-M1, Washing Machine Water Shutoff Valves (0004640)
Manufacturer: Watts
Manufacturer Part#: A2C M1 INTELLIFLOW (0004640)
MrSupply SKU: M55537
  • 1+$199.88
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Watts, Series A2C-M1, 0004646 A2C-WB-M1 (0004646)
Series A2C-M1, Washing Machine Water Shutoff Valve-Wall Box (0004646)
Manufacturer: Watts
Manufacturer Part#: A2C-WB-M1 (0004646)
MrSupply SKU: M55538
  • 1+$210.10
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