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Lutron, Tu-Wire, 2W-T432-120-1-S

Tu-Wire, Fluorescent Dimming Ballast, 2 Wire, 1 Lamp, T4 4-Pin Triple Tube, 32W, 120V, Stud Mounting
Lutron, Tu-Wire, 2W-T432-120-1-S 
SKU  M33678
Manufacturer  Lutron
Price  Please call 1-888-884-0911 or email at for more info.

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Benefits of dimming
  • Dimming creates a rich visual experience and adds flexibility to any room, providing the right lighting
  • Dimming saves electricity and reduces the demand on HVAC systems. Dimming fluorescent lighting instead of repeated switching helps to maintain expected long lamp life
  • Allowing employees to set preferred light levels for specific tasks results in greater employee comfort and improved performance
  • Using occupancy/vacancy sensors, daylight sensors and automated time-based controls with fluorescent dimming helps manage the lighting in an entire building and further reduce electric demand
Tu-Wire Overview
  • Tu-wire ballasts are primarily intended for retrofit applications where fluorescent dimming must be achieved without changing the existing switching wiring scheme
  • Tu-Wire ballasts require only two input wires (hot and neutral) that is used both for power and dimming control. Tu-wire ballasts offer high performance dimming from 100% down to 5% for linear and compact fluorescent lamps
Wiring configuration
Wiring configuration
  • Continuous, flicker-free dimming from 100% to 5%
  • 2-wire line voltage control for wiring simplicity
  • Models for T4 compact and T8 lamp types
  • Programmed rapid start design will preheat lamp cathodes before applying full arc voltage
  • Lamps turn on to any dimmed level without flashing to full brightness
  • 1" high, low-profile design for use in low-profile architectural fixtures
  • Frequency of operation ensures that ballast does not interfere with infrared devices operating between 38 and 42 kHz
Style Tu-Wire
Type Fluorescent Dimming Ballast
Number of Wire 2
Lamp Type T4 4-Pin Triple Tube
Lamps per Ballast 1
Volts (V) 120
Watts (W) 32
Current (Amps) 0.33
Lamp Starting Programmed Rapid Start
Ballast Factor >.85
Power Factor >.95
Current Crest Factor <1.7
THD (%) <20
Mounting Stud
Height (In.) 1
Width (In.) 3
Length (In.) 4.9
Standards UL Listed
Warranty 5-year limited warranty with Lutron field service commissioning(3-year standard warranty) from date of purchase

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